Our Hearing Healthcare Services

Hearing Tests

A hearing test at Aaron’s Hearing Care is a simple, noninvasive, and painless procedure. We begin with an interview to learn more about your lifestyle, medical history, and situations in which you have experienced difficulty hearing. We believe that the better we know you, the better we can treat your hearing needs. Following a physical examination of your ear, and a series of simple tests of sound and speech, your audiologist will provide you the results of your hearing test. From the results, we will work with you to pursue the best course of treatment, if necessary. We provide full hearing testing at our Vero Beach and Port St. Lucie locations.

New Hearing Aid Fitting

Based on your hearing abilities, our audiologists may recommend hearing aids as a course of treatment. We have up-to-date knowledge on the latest hearing aid offerings. Hearing aids come in many different styles and models, equipped with many state-of-the-art features to provide wearers with clear sound and quality connectivity. We make molds of your ear to customize your hearing aids with the best fit. This will provide both a comfortable listening experience and a snug contouring with your ear. With your hearing needs at the forefront, we will customize hearing aids to fit you.

Hearing Aid Maintenance

Worn daily, hearing aids tend to be sturdy and stand up to general wear and tear. However, there are times these electronic devices need maintenance so that they perform at their best. At Aaron’s Hearing Care, we are equipped to upkeep and clean your hearing aids, provide tune-ups, and replace parts and batteries as necessary. We make sure that our customers know how to take care of their hearing aids, and we are there for the tougher jobs that you can’t do at home. In the event that your hearing aids are not doing their job anymore, we screen your hearing periodically to make sure you are equipped with hearing aids that meet your needs.

Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aids are powerful electronic devices, carefully constructed of very small parts. We have the experience and knowledge to make most repairs on hearing aids – and for more complicated fixes, we’ll make sure the manufacturer takes care of them. While simple things, such as replacing the battery, may be done on your own, we recommend that you bring your hearing aids in if they require more extensive repair.

Support and Services

At Aaron’s Hearing Care, we recognize that hearing loss is an ongoing and life-changing experience. For people who are new to hearing aids, the experience of hearing clearly again may require a period of acclimation. We are here to make adjustments to the fit, to discuss the experience, and to help you ease into binaural hearing again. We are here to support you in every way, from caring for your hearing aids to training yourself to discern between sounds.

We also offer assistive listening devices for particular difficulties, such as listening to performances in a live venue to hearing your TV across the room. ALDs may be standalone devices or they may connect wirelessly with your hearing aids to stream sounds directly to your ears. We have many options for different hearing needs.

Concerned about Hearing Loss?

Whether you are concerned about your hearing or for the hearing of a friend or loved one, we can help. Schedule an appointment with Aaron's Hearing Care. Dr. Liebman and his professional staff can evaluate your hearing and helpful provide solutions.

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