Hearing Tests

We want you to feel comfortable, so we have outlined what a typical hearing exam looks like. This way, you will know what to expect when you visit our Vero Beach or Port. St. Lucie office for the first time.

The Patient History

  • Medical History

    We get a sense for any medical conditions that may have an impact on your hearing. In certain cases, we may need to refer you for further testing

  • Family History

    Since genetics can play a role in hearing loss, we discuss your family history. Hearing Loss can be caused by congenital, hereditary or environmental causes.

  • Symptoms

    We will discuss what brought you in to see us and the symptoms you have noticed. Having a friend or loved one present can help with this important section.

  • Lifestyle

    We discuss your lifestyle, as this can often have an impact on your communication needs. This helps us develop and personalize solutions in the event of hearing loss.

Otoscopic Exam

  • Is it Earwax?

    We verify that earwax (cerumen) is not impacted before beginning the testing procedures.

  • Other Items

    Other conditions like foreign objects or ear infections can hinder hearing ability.

Audiometric Testing

  • Air Conduction

    Using tones, we generate sounds at different frequencies to check your hearing ability.

  • Bone Conduction

    We place a small button behind your ear to help determine the type of hearing loss you have, if any.

  • Speech Testing

    We check to see how well your brain is able to distinguish words when loud enough to hear them.

  • Loudness Comfort

    Otherwise known as UCLs or LCLs, we check to see what your comfortable range of hearing is.

Solutions Offered

  • Options

    We give you the best options for YOU based on your hearing profile, lifestyle and budget.


    You and your loved one (if present) decide on a solution. No hard sales approach.

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